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Active April

Active April

Apr 1, 2016

The first of April marks the beginning of Premiers Active April campaign.  I’m delighted to be on board as an ambassador and look forward to sharing my Active April.

Active April is an initiative run by the Victorian Government to encourage people to do 30 minutes of activity a day during April, this can Include all kinds of exercise, such as going for a swim, riding your bike or even getting out and doing some gardening! I was shocked to read that 80% of kids don’t exercise enough.
As an athlete I have a great coach and goals I aim to achieve, we have a plan to stick to, though I will admit I have days that I just don’t want to train. This is even more obvious now as a new mum.  I’ve used every excuse under the sun to not exercise, so by setting this challenge its really helping me get off my bum and also find new ways of making up that 30 minutes!
For more info visit ( theres lots of freebies 🙂 )
Kel Max
Whilst where on the topic of fitness I thought I would also share some of the things that help me keep fit and refuelled.
Aussie Bodies has been a great partner of mine for sometime now and I honestly wouldnt be able to get through some days/ training sessions without them!
I also get a lot of people ask me about what proteins I take, or as an athlete what snacks I like.. well here you go!
I’ll start with protein. I used to use protein only once I had done a gym session but now I take it every morning regardless of this! My favourite protein to use is ” Perfect Protein” I put a scoop in my oats along with my fruit and milk!
I also use the same protein in a shake after my gym workouts for muscle recovery. ( I like to use coconut water and ice! )
For my snacks!
I used to make my own protein snacks, which were time consuming and messy, and now with a 12 week old I’m lucky to even have a shower haha… but seriously, my go to snack is the Aussie Bodies Naked bar, its 100% natural , so pretty much real food deliciously smooshed together in a bar!
On the days I lift heavy 😉 I like to have the the ProteinFX Lo Carb bars! They’re higher in protein and keep me fuller for longer… and the range of flavours is awesome, it’s pretty much a guilt free treat!
Its important I know and trust what I put into my body and Aussie Bodies not only tastes amazing but its a great feeling knowing they have my health and body as their number 1 priority.
Check out their website for more products but they also have great recipe ideas too!
Quick Fam Bam update, Max is now 12 week old! I know, where has the time gone?
Being a mum is by far one of the most amazing things but it defininlty has its challenges! I have to say like many things it takes time, time to get a routine, time learn how to work on no sleep and time to understand what the hell you’re doing! I’m still learning how to juggle training, speaking engagements and being a mum and I think while he’s still young some days are going to be more difficult than others.
My motto this month is to take each day as it comes 🙂
Kel fam

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