Paralympic & World Champion

Team Cartwright

Tim Matthews, Coach
Tim Matthews OAM is a former Paralympic & World Champion having competed at three consecutive Paralympic games in 1996, 2000 and 2004. A highly decorated athletic career specialising in the T46 100m and 200m, Tim won gold in Atlanta in 1996 and then went on to dominate the Sydney 2000 Paralympics winning two gold medals in World Record times as well as picking up two Bronze medals. Tim was also awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 1996.Retiring from professional sport Tim continued his involvement with he Australian Paralympic Committee managing their pathways and Development program in 2008. Tim took on the role of head coach for Kelly in 2009. Kelly has excelled under the guidance from Tim having since gone on to break three World Records in the process and rightly earning the title of World Champion & Paralympic Champion.

Dr. Wayne Mahmoud, Osteopath, Sports & Spinal Group
To keep Kelly’s body in perfect working order she relies on the services of Dr. Wayne Mahmoud and the team at Sports and Spinal Group who have been assisting Kelly for over 3 years. Despite being a leader in his field, rumour has it he is highly critical of Elmo’s services and is secretly planning ways to make him ‘disappear’… Stay tuned.

Justin Tippett, Social Media and Business Support
Justin joined StarAmp Global as CEO in 2011 and provides behind the scenes support to the business as well as managing the Social Media strategy for Kelly.

Don Elgin, Global Manager
Don is also a former Paralympic medalist and World Champion competing in three consecutive Paralympic Games in 1996, 2000 and 2004. Since retiring from professional sport Don founded StarAmp Global, an elite talent management company that now represents some of the best Paralympic athletes in the world. As well as managing the day to day management of the athletes professional lives, Don is equally committed to providing guidance and support off the field and is mentor to a large number of athletes from across the globe. In 2012 Don is also the Team Manager for the Australian Paralympic team whilst outside of the Paralympics Don is a professional speaker inspiring audiences around the world.

David Howell, Advanced Prosthetics Centre
David Howell aka Professor Leg and his wife Cathy are instrumental to Kelly’s success having worked with Kelly for the past 8 years to provide her with the best fitting prosthetic leg in the world! If you need a new leg, make sure you see the guys at APC now!

Elmo, Head Masseur
Training twice a day seven days a week can take its toll on any body so its important to have regular massages to keep Kelly’s body running and optimum levels. Since discovering Elmo in a local shelter he has gone on to become an integral part of Kelly’s team providing much needed physical and moral support