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Travelling with a baby

Travelling with a baby

Oct 4, 2016

So I wrote this blog a few nights back! I actually forgot I wrote it as I was probably delirious haha! But here’s goes!
It’s currently 2.30am and I am extremely tired but so awake! I haven’t had the chance to get over jet lag or reverse my sleeping habits because my little one hasnt! He has finally gone to sleep but for how long I don’t know! The last few nights it’s been 4am wake ups and ready for the day! 😑
Anyway this blog isn’t about jet lag ( although I wish there was a magical cure ) it’s about travelling  with a baby!
Before I left for Europe I googled so much on what to pack, what to expect and couldn’t really find a lot!
I mean some things are pretty simple eg wipes, nappies, forumla etc but how much? And what’s some things I’ll find myself wishing I took!
Firstly ! Don’t stress about water for your formula! ( if formula fed ) I looked up the airlines and they didn’t exactly have a clear answer on the rules about taking bottles of water so I just made up 10 bottles of boiled water and hoped for the best!
As I got them all out at security they told me not to bother any water for babies is fine! Phew!
I made sure I packed enough nappies, wipes, food and toys! We did get detoured and held up for an extra few hours on the flight and almost came unstuck with bottles! So I suggest packing a couple extra!
Anyway we also booked the bassinet but to be completely honest we probably only used it once for 30 minutes! It’s pretty shallow and as max stands up now I couldn’t sleep knowing he was in there and could hop on out when he pleased! So for me next time I wouldn’t stress about getting one!
If your baby is as fussy as Max and has never really liked a pram, car seat, bouncer etc I highly recommend back packs for the baby so sit! He absolutely loved it and it made walking around so much easier! But we also made sure we had our prams on long days so he could have a nap! We could also put him in the back pack around the airport and take it on with us!
Oh I also found out a great trick/ time saver for the plane and for outings ( even in every day life! ) we ended up filling his bottles half full of water and taking a flask with boiled water everywhere we went! That meant we didn’t have to beg people continually at restaurants or wait forever on the plane for water to be warmed!
My last piece of advice would be DONT expect your travelling holiday to be anything like your baby free ones in the past! Haha I knew it would be different! But it changed completely! No bar nights! Not staying out all day and not returning to the hotel! And definitely nothing past 11pm and that was pushing it! But I wouldn’t have changed it for the world! ( maybe the less hang overs helped with being able to do a lot more 😉
I loved every minute of our family holiday and not just because my best friend asked me to Marry him with the most beautiful ring!

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